Episode 112
Air date January 28, 2014
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Parting Time
Take A Chance Again
Again is the 112th episode of Got to Believe.


After seeing Kit in the funeral of his Lolo Ronaldo, Ryan/Joaquin, not knowing who Kit is, asked his dad who Kit was. Jaime told Ryan that it was not the time for those kind of thing, it was time to grieve for his Lolo's death. Juliana asked Gigi to book them a flight to Singapore early in the morning. Later that night, Joaquin went to his room and saw the big, bright moon. Little did he know, Chichay is also looking at the moon, remembering the times when Joaquin and Chichay both looked at the moon. While looking at the moon, out of nowhere, Ryan thought of the name 'Christina Carlota Tampipi' and searched it on the internet.

The next day, Juliana went in Ryan's bedroom and saw a note saying that he has to go somewhere and will be back soon. Juliana panicked and called everyone asking them where Ryan is. 

Ryan went in an Art Gallery where they displays Chichay's work. A worker/Miguel saw the two talking to each other and asked if they're back together. Chichay said yes and dragged Ryan out of the gallery. Not knowing the reason why she said that, Ryan asked Chichay. She said that the guy was a suitor and she just wanted to avoid him. Juliana called Ryan and asked where he was. Ryan was about to tell Juliana where he is and who is he with but his phone died. 

After leaving the gallery, Ryan went to the San Juan Company to talk to the people for the information on his Lolo's latest work. When Ryan got back to their hotel, he asked if they can stay for a month. Juliana said yes just because they don't want to pressure him into going back to Singapore