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By Your Side
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This episode was aired on December 2, 2013 and was titled 'By Your Side'.


The first scene continued from last episode after Jaime left Juliana after knowing that she tries to mess up the Tampipi's life. 

Betchay saw Chichay in their house crying and hugged her to try to comfort her daughter. 

Juliana pays the price for her cruelty toward the Tampipis when Jaime decides to leave her. As Juliana undergoes a difficult time accepting Jaime's decision, Joaquin stays by his mother's side throughout this ordeal. Soon, Joaquin finally discovers the roots of Juliana's animosity toward Chichay and her family. Meanwhile, the Tampipis try their best to comfort Chichay as the latter continues to worry about the possibility that she might not get the scholarship.