Chichay Tampipi
Also Known As Chichay
Age 17 (season 1)
19 (season 2)
Relations Elizabeth Tampipi (mother)
Chito Tampipi (father)
Isko Tampipi (grandfather, deceased)
Residence Manila
Gender Female
Hair Black
First Appearance Let the Magic Begin
Show Information
Portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo

Bianca Bentulan (young)

Cristina Carlotta "Chichay" Tampipi is a fictional character and main protagonist of Got to Believe.


The nickname 'Chichay' came from the name of her parents. 'Chi' from Chito and 'chay' from her mother's name Betchay. Her real name is Chistina Carlotta Tampipi. 


She is known to wear a sleeveless shirt and a long skirt. She is also known for wearing a slim bag. In some episode, she wears a witch costume. Other one is she wears a maid dress. Chichay has a long messy hair. When she was 8 years old, she likes wearing her 'mananangal' costume given by her Lolo Isko.


Chichay is known to be a jolly, energetic, cute, sweet, cheerful and very beautiful character. Chichay believes in magic. Everytime she wishes, she throws glitters. She has a talent which is art. 


Joaquin ManansalaEdit

Chichay's relationship with Joaquin is popular in the series. They first met in a circus. Years later, they met again in one accident that nearly kill Joaquin. At the end of the first season, Chichay breaks up with Joaquin only to save him. 2 years later, Chichay met Joaquin however, Joaquin dosen't remember Chichay anymore after the bullet is removed. There might be a possibility that Joaquin will remember Chichay again.In the last episode Joaquin and Chichay got engaged.


Pedro has a crush on Chichay. Chichay didn't know that Pedro has a crush on Chichay. Pedro gives a hint that he loves Chichay.


  • Kathryn Bernardo thought that this teleserye would be remake of "Got 2 Believe;" which was topbilled by Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan.