This episode was aired on November 29, 2013. and was titled 'For You'.


The episode started in the Malaya University where Juliana asked the principal to kick Chichay out of the school. The principal then answered that they can't just expel a student without doing anything wrong. The principal said that this is written in the handbook. 

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Chichay giving a high five to EJ after giving his old brushes

Second scene started in the school ground where Chichay was counting the number of paint brushes she got after buying some paint brush from the store. She counted 7 old brushes and 3 new ones. Joaquin quickly asked why she only got 3 new brushes and offered to buy her several brushes. Chichay said no and that EJ will give his old brushes and she could just soak it in gasoline. Joaquin apologized to Chichay because he said that he is the reason why Chichay got fired from her old catering job. Chichay said that it was okay and it was 'sweet'. After explaining how sweet it was, EJ then gave the old brushes and the old paints to Chichay.

Third scene happened in the Tampipi's house after Chichay finished school. She showed her family the things that she's going to use for her art scholarship in Malaya. Chichay thanked her family for the support and the money that they gave to Chichay for the school's tuition fee. Chito then told Chichay that if she needs their help, they are always there to support her. The scene continued where Chito, Nanoy, Whitey and Bubbles are dressing up Lolo Isko for Chichay to practice her painting skills on. The family then dressed up and posed so Chichay can paint them.

Juliana seeks Matilda's help in getting Chichay out of Joaquin's life, and their connivance bears fruit when Didith ruins Chichay's chance for a new scholarship at Malaya. Unbeknownst to Juliana, Gigi tells her on to Jaime, who berates Juliana as soon as he learns of Chichay's misfortune. Although unaware of what truly transpired, Juliana admits to Jaime how she has been trying to ruin Betchay's family in the hopes of saving theirs. To Juliana's horror, Jaime thinks that she did just the opposite.