Joaquin Manansala
Also Known As Wacky
Age 18 (season 1)
20(season 2)
Relations Julianna San Juan-Manansala (mother)
Jaime Manansala (father)
Ronaldo San Juan (grandfather, deceased)
Residence Manila
Gender Male
Hair Black
First Appearance Let the Magic Begin
Last Appearance Best Ending Ever
Show Information
Portrayed by Daniel Padilla

Kyle Banzon(young)

Joaquin "Wacky" Manansala / Ryan is a fictional character and deuteragonist of Got to Believe.

Name ChangeEdit

His real name is Joaquin but his parents changed his name to Ryan in order to prevent him in remembering the Tampipis espcially Chichay. Fuck you


Joaquin is known for wearing jackets in earlier episodes. In season 2, he is now known for wearing glasses.


Joaquin is mostly shy, quiet, and nervous because of his condition in season 1. After his operation in season 2, he has become more social and appealing to the people around him, especially Chichay. He may not remember Chichay completely but he appears to be really sweet around her.



In book 1 his childhood he met chichay at the magic box. and at his adulthood she remembered chichay as his personal nanny to friend and lover. in book 2 after the bullet has removed she remembered chichay. in the end they are lovers from now.


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