Julianna San Juan-Manansala
Age 40
Relations Ronaldo San Juan (father, deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Jaime Manansala (Husband)
Joaquin Manansala (Son)
Residence Manila
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brunette
First Appearance Pilot
Show Information
Portrayed by Carmina Villaroel
Julianna San Juan-Manansala is Joaquin's mother in Got to Believe. She is (unintentionally) one of the main antagonist in the series (along with Alexa Rodrigo).


Julianna has a short brunette hair. She is known for wearing rich outfits.


Julianna is an over protective mother who always worried about Joaquin. sometime she was good in the end due to her wedding


  • There was an error on one episode where she called her son Joaquin instead of Ryan.

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