Take A Chance Again
Episode 113
Take A Chance Again
Air date January 29, 2014
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The Last Time I Felt Like This
Take A Chance Again is the 113th episode of Got to Believe.


This episode started in Pancitan ni Betchay with the motto of "Happy Lamon". Whitey and Nanoy came from outside and talked to Papa Bear about going in Indonesia for a magic act. Papa bear couldn't go because of the hearings for his case 2 years ago. They decided to meet Juliana and Jaime to talk about the case. EJ asked Chichay for an extra painting project. She said yes and stayed in Patricia's house.

The San Juan family together with Tarantina and Ethel went to the East Verizon and showed Ryan the place that he will stay and work in. Ryan would stay in a house with his mom but Juliana has a meeting with the members of the San Juan board. Juliana panicked and ask the two maids, Tarantina and Ethel to stay in the house with Ryan.

Meanwhile, Alex was eating lunch with his dad and had a talk about going back to Paris.

EJ and Chichay went to the Clubhouse in East Verizon to look and have ideas about what they're going to paint on the walls. Chichay didn't know that it was Ryan who hired her and tried to back out, but EJ needs the money. Ryan asked Chichay and EJ if they could go eat lunch in his house but Chichay disagreed.