The Last Time I Felt Like This
Episode 114
The Last time I felt like this
Air date January 30, 2014
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The Last Time I Felt Like This is the 114th episode of Got to Believe.


Betchay and Chito Tampipi went to the San Juan office to talk and apologise to Juliana and Jaime. Juliana accepted the apology and said that she will call the lawyers and stop and case of Chito for 'shooting' Joaquin. This will happen in one condition, the Tampipi's cannot be around any San Juan or Juliana will do something evil.

Meanwhile, EJ's and Chichay's work in East Verizon is on going. Chichay tried to focus on work not on anything else. Chichay also gave some ideas to Ryan that will be catchy to kids, therefore attracting them to going into the clubhouse.

The blessing to the Tampipi's still coming. From Chichay's work and success to Pancitan ni Bethchay's success. Dominic's mom asked Betchay if she would like to work on a fastfood restaurant that would be established by the Zaragosa's.